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My name is Iain Blakeley. I’m a VAT/GST specialist.

I’ve been working with value added tax in New Zealand and internationally since 1986.

This Blog is intended to provide a forum for discussing topical indirect tax issues. It may get technical at times but hopefully the focus is on the practical and often “quirky” aspects of VAT and GST systems around the world.

There are plenty of text books around if you need to find out what the law is. I don’t intend to give advice about any particular issues and no one should rely on what I say as advice. The views expressed here are personal views on topics which interest me and do not represent the views of any organisation I work for or am associated with.

Engaging feedback is always welcome.

Thanks for reading.



Posted May 15, 2010 by Iain Blakeley

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  1. What an informative and usefil site – how will I sleep knowing this information is here to read????
    Thank you soooo much Mr Blakeley

    • Ah, my first cyber stalker. How wonderful! Thanks for the great feedback Ms Gill.

      As for sleeping, it might pay to stock up on the pills because they’ll be 2.5% more expensive after 1 October.

  2. Hi Iain. Can you comment on how the IRD is treating professional bitcoin trades in NZ in regard to GST. If you are familiar with Australia, is it like Australia where GST is being applied to the total value of the amount traded?

    • Thanks for the question Brian
      I’m not aware of any NZ IRD published view on the GST treatment of bitcoin.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to follow the Australian approach (i.e. the transaction is effectively a barter).

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